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Don`t miss the Tree of Life on Discovery Island in Disney`s Animal Kingdom. Over 325 existing and extinct species are carved into it from root to branches. I especially loved wandering the trail through its base where the 428-seat, 3-D, IT`S TOUGH TO BE A BUG theater is hidden.
That`s one big tree!

Built to look like an African Baobab, the manufactured tree took 18 months to create in Green Bayou Fabrication Yard in Houston.

I loved every minute exploring Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld Orlando.

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Once one of the largest glass buildings in the world, the Crystal Cathedral towers over Garden Grove neighborhoods. The architects were Frank Neutra and Philip Johnson and Associates.

The church still holds one of the largest pipe organs in the world and was once the TV stage for the Hour of Power. Now rededicated as a Catholic Church, services are held in several languages, and public l tours are offered weekly.

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Cheers! A dedication to sustainability and community in every grape from the Sonoma Wine Growers Asociation.

This lunch was the perfect start to the weekend festivities with the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival. The wineries get most of the attention, but I`ll never forget that it begins in the Sonoma County Vineyards.

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The heart and history of Santa Ana told with passion and paint. The city has so much new construction and energy, but I was delighted to find it hasn`t lost its soul.

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That time you wish like crazy that you played an instrument. People kept pouring into the backyard and played for hours into the first of November. I think Django would would be proud.

Thank you to the musicians and tappers for their dedication and love of Gypsy Swing Jazz. Opa!

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Happy Hour at Space 220, the Epcot Restaurant.
Reservations book far in advance but as a solo traveler I won a seat in the lounge bar. It was perfect, I didn`t have the time or budget for the 3-course, prix fixed menu anyway.

Lots of pixie dust luck on my solo trip to Disney World!
Special thanks to the kind attendants and the Imagineers behind the wonders of Disney. Walt would πŸ‘

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The pumpkin artistry inside CARVED at Descanso Gardens.
The hours it takes to chip away at these massive gourds has to be acknowledged. Kudos to the team efforts to create these temporary masterpieces each year.

And these are just one aspect of all there is to savor inside the event. I can`t wait to return with the whole family next fall.

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