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Welcome! 'Get going and go well' is more than a motto, it's a mission. Traveling well takes practice and changes as we do. To travel well is to be conscious of the impact and privilege of adventure, taking care of the places we love to visit, and connecting with those who call those places home. This blog is deep with stories, tips, and reviews from decades of travel. Come back often!

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Rockabilly at a local haunt,@thecordovabar Never know who`s playing, but it`s always a good time.

I like to watch. My @twoleftfeet tap on the sidelines
Have a great Memorial weekend.
And thank you for your service.

#sandiegolife #divebars #rockabillymusic #sandiegolocal #twoleftfeet

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Morning in magnificent Edfu.

Here, the Pharoahs celebrated and prepared offerings. The god Horus protected. Isis ruled with compassionate justice.

Today, the temple was hot, noisy with excitement and wonder, but the power of this space endures.

#egyptlove #egyptseraitravel #solotravels #sheisnotlostbutfound #tripwellgal #traveltuesday #travelwritersuniversity #travelernotebook

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Weekend break from regular programming...
Attended the final tour concert of Half.Alive at the Los Angeles Wiltern.

What a masterful show and great crowd!

I discovered they were from Long Beach (a formative place for me.) Then they blew me away when I stumbled across their first Jimmy Kimmel performance well before the Big Pause. This was my 3rd show, and the night was so well curated, such fun - start to finish.

What favorite local band have you followed for years?

Thanks to @alongcomesmary26 for joining me!

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A few moments of bites and sips in Aswan, Egypt.
See all the Egypt food experiences on YT:


#aswanegypt #cataracthotel #carriageride #travelwritersuniversity #foodiefriday

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I found a few moments to myself in Karnak Temple.
Tourism is back, and the heat is rising, but go, just go.

#egyptseraitravel #egyptseraitravel #egypttravel #solotravels #karnaktemple #traveltuesday #travelwriters
#travelwritersuniversity #templearchitecture #gratitudedaily

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The most beautiful train station - Cairo`s central. It`s full of symbolic shapes on a scale that complements the country`s history.

I didn`t need a ride. This was the destination.

#visitegypt #tripwellgal #traveltuesday #travelwriterscafe #egyptseraitravel

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I`ve waited a lifetime...many actually....
Egypt, Day 1 - Cairo

Many thanks to @egyptseraitravel for masterfully arranging everything.

#cairoscene #greatpyramids #tripwellgal #travelernotebook #solotravelers #wanderbeauty #sheisnotlostbutfound #egyptseraitravel #visitegypt

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Resembling prehistoric birds, three gigantic stilt-walking puppet performers moved through the crowd in San Diego`s Marina Plaza. It was all a little scary, extremely beautiful, and mesmerizing.

The Close-Act Theater Company creates large-scale, interactive performances based on direction by Hesther Melief and Tony Aerts. The performance is just one of many different acts free this weekend as part of the WOW Festival in San Diego. Reservations suggested. Birdman was supported by DutchCultureUSA.com

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