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Welcome! 'Get going and go well' is more than a motto, it's a mission. Traveling well takes practice and changes as we do. To travel well is to be conscious of the impact and privilege of adventure, taking care of the places we love to visit, and connecting with those who call those places home. This blog is deep with stories, tips, and reviews from decades of travel. Come back often!

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Fiji Sharks are so smart. I became a fan on my first shark dive years ago. I sat on the bottom watching as they took turns grabbing fish heads from an outstretched hand (The diver wears a chain mail glove.)

On that earlier dive I watched next to pioneering underwater filmmaker Chuck Nicklin - in his 80`s and still diving! His excitement was contagious and calmed my nerves.

This time I brought Chuck along. He passed away last year and I had permission to bring his ashes. I think he`d be pleased.

Many thanks to Roz Nicklin and @diverdave for making this possible. @Aqua_Trek too.

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"What`s that drumming?" We walked out of the Hong Kong customs and turned to catch these Dragon Dancers in action. Chinese New Year celebrations are winding down but the troupe`s balance and coordination is a wonder whenever or wherever the dragons show up.

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What a treat! We found out how Samoans traditionally make coconut cream and then use it in most everything. I`ve always loved coconut milk but had no idea how great freshly made can be. Samoans don`t usually use dairy products and I didn`t miss them the week I spent on island.

Thanks to Candymann and David at Tisa`s for the fantastic Umu Feast.

Do you try traditional foods when you travel?

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Happy Lunar New Year! Loved seeing the Dragon as Singapore rolled out their Gardens By The Bay Light Show and show tunes filled the night. (Different music theme monthly!)

You can watch each night at 7:45 & 8:45.
Kung hei fat choi! Happy Year of the Dragon!

A graceful and generous Singaporean friend helped me find the perfect spot for the show. Afterwards, we walked for hours while she explained life in this amazing city. Her government-issued fitbit watch said we took over 18,000 steps! I believe it. It took my feet days to feel normal, but I`d do it all again.

Do you trust the "kindness of strangers" when you travel?

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It`s amazing what you can find if you stay present. While on my way to breakfast in sleek, downtown Singapore, I noticed a low, ornate roofline above a stone wall. Turning the corner, the gates were open, and I walked into the oldest Teochew temple in the area.

Porcelin figurines told stories I couldn`t decifer, but I could appreciate the artfullness, workmanship, and preservation. UNESCO commended the effort with a cultural Award of Merit for Conservation in 2014.

I asked to take pictures and respected the restrictions. No photos of the inner temple were allowed.

It was just the first of many wonders throughout my 36 hours exploring the streets of Singapore.

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Remembering Singapore Part 1

It always pays off to look up in the world`s great cities, and Singapore is full of surprises. I was only there for 2 days and walked for hours and hours. This odd architecture allows for a garden trail that winds around three floors of the building. Many go to the rooftop for the views and miss the trail!

The Capita Spring Tower is open to the public, though yoj may have to wait in line. The views are welm worth the effort.

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